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Trash Holes, Dad Bods, and Night Putts

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Music City Open


With the close of MCO, the season completes its 7th event out of 28, and Nashville brought the heat. In no particular order, here are the storylines you should remember or may have missed:

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To earn that T-5th finish with Niklas Anttila, Big Jerm sank his final 69’ putt. He knew he had enough cushion between him and AB to run it.

His air bounce was a thing of beauty on the hardest hole all weekend.

Fresh Plastic

♾️ Infinite’s Highlight: Kastaplast Nord (5|4|0|3)
The cult fan-favorite Swedish manufacturer is back at it again with a hyped release to continue filling out its lineup.

Last week, this OS midrange was released, and it’s gotten fans fired up. So what are they saying?

  • Right off the bat, the fade is closer to 2 than 3

  • The flight is straight with medium to strong fade

  • It’ll fight out of anhyzer but doesn’t dump like most approach mids (Järn)

  • The microbead, slight dome, and blunt nose make it great for both BH & FH

  • Compared to other manufacturers, it’s a better Buzzz OS and a less stable Pyro

  • K1 Plastic is drool-worthy as always

The Nord is a 5-speed you can trust in the open, woods, or windy conditions. Shop Infinite Discs for all your Kastaplast needs!

Random Dubs

1️⃣ As summer nights slowly approach, consider moving your putting practice to late night and outdoors. Coach Uli always says, “Don’t learn how to putt, learn how to develop a stroke.

Simon proved him right with a 41’ final putt in Saturday’s dusk round. If you can’t see the basket, then you’ll learn “feel” without worrying about the miss.

2️⃣ If you’re an active PDGA member and want a say in our sport’s direction, then you have 7 days to put in your application to be on the Global Board of Directors. The process is simple:

  • Be an active member for at least 2 years, have no conflicts of interest, and pass a criminal background check

  • The committee will review candidates’ resumes and 3 letters of recommendation before posting those nominated on June 3rd

  • Member voting will then start and end at the end of July

This is your one chance to go up against Drew Gibson even if it’s off the course. Depending on your social platform of choice, he’s either a shoo-in or will get no votes.

Tweet of the Week

Thanks for reading today. Get out and have a good round this week!

- Charlie

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