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Tattar's Mountain, OTB Preview, and Major Reactions

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The Heir Apparent to GOAT

The goal is to somehow become better than Kristin if thats possible.

Kat Mertsch (DGPT, Jonesboro)

Two days ago, Kristin Tattars PDGA rating went from 999 to 1000, and it was monumental. As the saying goes, One small step for Tattar, one giant leap for disc golf.

23 years ago, Juliana Korver was the first to break 960. Fast forward to now, were 10 events into 2024, and 14 FPO players share Korvers achievement.

[Tattars success last year] gave the whole field sort of a little chip on our shoulders It sort of woke us all up, and something needed to happen.

Missy Gannon (The Upshot, March 26)

For the most part, Gannon was right; the field is experiencing the most parity ever. There were unique winners in the first 5 events before Tattar won the 6th and 7th.

Not only that, but winners in the first 7 events averaged over 1000 rated. Last year, that happened 8 total times at Elites/Majors, with three of those being Tattar.

So, yes, the field has stepped up. But even if their ceiling has risen, it only matches her floor.

Tattars historic 1000 rating shows off her real superpowers: consistency & mental fortitude. In her career, she has sixty-nine 1000+ rounds and has her eyes set on more.

The top of one mountain is the bottom of the next.

Tattar (The Upshot)

Everyone still has much to learn from the best FPO player to live. And whether it's on or off the course, Kristin Tattars next mountain will be once again game-changing.

OTB Open

PREVIEW (5/17-19)

Its that time of year. The Golden States upper 80s, low winds, and manicured fairways will kick off the West Coast Swing tomorrow.

This will be the first of just three events in this leg, with Portland being a DGPT+. In OTBs fourth year at Swenson Park, Leonard Muises highly acclaimed layouts have gone through minor changes.

The biggest will come on Moving Day when the already long course gets longer, with hole 9 going from par 4 5. This is only the start of alternate pins on Tour, and its a welcome addition.

Get ready to watch disc rips and rollers all around this beautiful property. Its certainly unique for a ball golf course.


MPO/ After shooting the course record (-12) on Saturday, Emerson Keith held on despite a charging Gannon Buhr from the 5th card. He took down his first and only DGPT win on Mothers Day.

FPO/ In typical fashion, this event saw fewer Europeans competing, including Tattar. But no matter, Paige Pierce had her foot on the gas with a 1033-rated Moving Day.

Becoming 3x OTB Open champ, she captured the second and last win of her shortened 2023 season.


While it sounds like a broken record, both Ella Hansen and Holyn Handley are due for their first Elite wins. The pair have finished more times in the top 10 than not this season, and this course is set up for them.

If its going to happen, then its going to be here. Also looking to make some noise is Eagle McMahon.

After his disappointing post-surgery debut, he has much to prove and could easily do it. McMahon thrives during the West Coast Swing and would love to become a 2x OTB Open champ.

Kristin is the embodiment of 1000 rated

Through 20 events and 69 rounds, Kristin Tattar made history on Tuesday. In her honor, here are her three signature molds on Infinite Discs:

  • Zero Medium Orbit Pure (3|3|-1|1) - Whether used for putting or throwing, this does it all. Next to the Aviar, its one of the most popular beadless putters on the market.

  • Opto Moonshine Orbit Claymore (5|5|-1|1) - This is a farther-flying Pure. Its perfectly dead straight for tight, wooded fairways.

  • Royal Grand Orbit Grace (11|6|-1|2) - This is a better Wraith in a better plastic. From wind fighter to hyzer flip, this mold is usable by anyone.

Random Dubs

1儭 This weekend (5/18-19), the biggest event in disc golf begins worldwide and only happens every two years. The Womens Global Event is a virtual tournament where players are compared by the average of 2 round ratings.

In 2022, 3,301 players participated in 129 events. Sandi Hendel from Ontario, Canada, was the FPO winner, averaging 972.2.

This year, 3,286 players have already signed up for 141 events in 23 countries. Most events allow registration until tomorrow night, so theres still time to set a new record. Its the perfect first event for any woman.

2儭 The PDGA is a month late with their April Fools post Yesterday, it was announced that the 2025 Champions Cup will not be at the International Disc Golf Center in Appling, GA.

Instead, it will have a temporary home at Swenson Park in Stockton, CA. As expected, reactions were far from positive.

And while the PDGAs peace offering is that itll be the first West Coast Major since 2014, this unwelcome change only raises more questions.

  • Is Champions Cup supposed to be a traveling Major?

  • Will the IDGC ever be back to its former glory?

  • Where will 2026 be?

Its understandable that there are things outside of their control, but this decision is a head-scratcher. I guess the only thing we can do is enjoy this weekends preview for next years wooded springtime Major.

Meme of the Week

Thanks for reading today. Get out and play plinko this weekend!

- Charlie

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