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Jake Wolff, DDO Preview, and Buy Used

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Jake Wolff - The Overhand Guy

The DGPT is like the 5th grade - every few weeks, you find a new player to crush on. This time his name is Jake Wolff, and he stopped by Drew Gibson’s channel to introduce himself.

So who is “The Overhand Guy”? Wolff is probably the most unique player on the Tour.

In July 2020, his little brother (Ben Wolff) convinced him to play this sport that he thought wasn’t real. It was years after his college baseball career, and he had become successful in the corporate world of sales.

Wolff immediately fell in love with the competition and quickly jumped to MPO even with zero past frisbee experience. Since hitting the Tour full-time last year, he’s slowly improved his rating from 962 to 1006 today.

And while Wolff’s known for his power FHs and OHs, his uniqueness shines through in his approach to the game. He’s purposefully eliminated stress and variables.

  • He only throws FHs on one angle, letting the discs do the work.

  • Almost any impossible line is on the table. He goes over trees.

  • In wet conditions, he has an advantage with his short runup and tombstoning OHs.

  • In practice rounds (especially his 1st time on a course), he doesn’t putt so he can bag other discs. He’ll throw 6-7 tee shots learning every scenario.

  • Before every round, he putts for 2 hours and warms up his shoulder for 1.5 hours.

  • He doesn’t work out. His time on the course pushes his muscles enough that he doesn’t want to risk injury.

  • He claims his healthy arm is thanks to lots of band work, warming up, and staying really really hydrated.

Wolff’s exposure and success will only increase as he continues to grind. But now into his 2nd touring year, what are his goals?

He wants to be a top-25 putter and thinks he can be elite by adding that to his arsenal. Other than that, he’s enjoying the journey and has no other plans.

“I love what I’ve gotten out of this so far, the people around it, just all of it. It’s awesome to be involved… That’s my biggest goal: Stay involved. See where it goes.”

Wolff (@DrewGibson)

Probably his most interesting fact is that he’s yet to throw a single BH in competition. And it’s easy to believe him… This is his form after asking Gibson how to grip it:

The lesson: You don’t have to be good at everything to be elite.

Dynamic Discs Open

PREVIEW (5/3-5)

The 1st Major has come and gone. If the pitch-out woods weren’t your style, then the Tour’s got you covered.

In a complete 180, players have flocked to the self-proclaimed disc golf city - Emporia, KS. It’s home to Dynamic Discs’ headquarters and hosts this long-standing event at the town’s ball golf course.

But this isn’t the Emporia Country Club of years past. 3 months ago, Jeremy Rusco - DD Founder - purchased the property hoping to turn it into Emporia’s crown jewel worthy of pilgrimage.

And while the name is now Champions Landing, the iconic course remains mostly unchanged. Besides minor tweaks and added OB, the biggest changes are on holes 16 & 18.

Hole 16: The iconic island’s drop zone has moved. Before, players had to putt across the water, but now the DZ is on the island facing the water. It’s a higher pressure putt than before.

Hole 18: It has a new island green and comes with the rule, “Disc must come to rest on the island before proceeding to the island green.” A Tin Cup moment or a clutch eagle is now on the table.


MPO/ With uncharacteristic 0 mph wind, the course played soft, and it was Parker Welck who beat all odds becoming the underdog of the year. For the 25-year-old, this win catapulted him up the rankings and made him a household name.

FPO/ In the scoreable conditions, there was minimal separation between the 3 biggest arms. The difference maker was hole 16’s island where King parked it in the playoff to become a 2x DDO champ.


After last week’s struggle bus, DDO caps off the 4th stop in a row before an off-week then the West Coast Swing. And for almost all the Europeans, it’s the perfect time to go home.

The Finns and Estonians in both divisions are across the pond after a 9-week leg in the US. They’re taking a break, which means it’s time for the Americans to step up.

While it’d be a Cinderella story if Welck could defend his title, I’ve got my eye on Aaron Gossage, Ezra Aderhold, & Chris Dickerson. Gossage has a history here and is trending up after this crazy stat.

Dickerson currently holds the 2nd longest active MPO top-10 streak at 5, and this is his last event before skipping the West Coast. Aderhold shot the most impressive course record at Northwood and now gets to stretch his distance.

Get ready to watch pros let loose on discs starting tomorrow. Big Jerm and Sarah Hokom will join Ian Anderson in the live booth.

Real Flight Numbers

Everyone knows that those 4 little numbers on the stamp mean something. But every manufacturer treats them differently enough to warrant phrases like, “It’s more of a fade 2 instead of 3” or “It’s a speed 13 but feels like a 12.”

Infinite Discs understands this and makes it easier by providing both manufacturer AND reviewer fight numbers. Every listing has aggregated numbers that accurately define a disc’s characteristics.

You can even go further by filtering reviewers by skill level and seeing their thoughts. Shop better with Infinite Discs!

Random Dubs

1️⃣ 8 years, 1 month, and 4 days ago, David Wiggins Jr. broke the World Distance Record when he threw a 154g Boss 1,108.92 ft. It was on the 3rd and final day of the High Desert Distance Challenge where winds whipped up to 42 mph.

2 days ago, the We Make Machines channel posted their successful attempt at breaking his record. They built a disc launcher that reached over 150 mph.

Using a Nuke OS at an extreme hyzer angle, they hit 1,393 ft in a slight tailwind. 

Now that they’ve discovered the upper limit, they can tune it to more human levels. We’re one more step closer to more accurate flight numbers.

2️⃣ After overcoming 4 rounds at Northwood, Andrew Presnell took on the 4 podcast gauntlet. If you haven’t already, listen to just one cause they were mostly the same.

After going through them, one detail stood out. On The Upshot, Presnell mentioned that he threw a Drone off the tee 8 times each round.

It’s his favorite mold, and he bags 4 of them. Of the 4, his latest workhorse was bought for $10 at the Music City Open. Presnell won a Major relying on a new-to-his-bag used disc.

Don’t sleep on used discs. 

Meme of the Week

Thanks for reading today. Get out and be a discman this weekend!

- Charlie

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