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OTB Storylines, Revenge Tour, and Time Off

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OTB Open


Kicking off the West Coast Swing and previewing a Major, this event had high expectations. And thanks to the dreamy conditions, the California state of mind was in full force.

In no particular order, here are the storylines you should remember or may have missed:

Read the full segment on Infinite Discs - Official Blog.


After tying the course record (-13, 1083 rated) on Saturday, Ezra Aderhold couldn’t avoid early mistakes to stay in contention. But he did bless us with the shot shape of your dreams.

For hole 7’s dangerous green, he threw a hyzer flip to turnover with a Z Swirl Passion.

Fresh Plastic

♾️ Infinite’s Highlight: OTB Open Phase II
The champions have been crowned, and the event is over.

But the rare runs to celebrate it are still available. MVP & OTB found a way to make Phase II even better than the first.

  • Prism Neutron Trance (8|5|-2|1) - This US fairway flies farther than any 8-speed. It’s a controllable hyzer flip machine.

  • Neutron Soft Crave (6|5|-1|1) - One of their best molds meets one of their best plastics. This is an easy buy for new and old Crave addicts.

  • Prism Proton Soft Vanish (11|5|-3|2) - Sits between the Wave and Orbital. This plastic is considered the best to come out of MVP.

  • Proton Soft Hex (5|5|-1|1) - Continues the trend of amazing molds combined with plastic.

  • Eclipse Orbital (11|5|-4.5|1) - A more US Wave, but don’t let the -4.5 turn fool you. It’ll hold up in this glow plastic.

  • Eclipse Watt (2|5|-0.5|0.5) - It’s true what they say. This is, in fact, a practical Glitch. It’s my favorite disc currently.

They’re not just pretty wall hangers. They’re also banging throwers. Go to Infinite Discs and grab some before they run out!

Random Dubs

1️⃣ Coming out of the weekend, there were two bits of bitter news. Both Kristin Tattar and Brodie Smith announced they are taking a break from the Tour.

Tattar broke her rib during a freak accident in her home. She’s been instructed to take at least 4 weeks off from play, so she dropped the Portland Open and Beaver State Fling, which conclude the West Coast Swing.

Her first event back will be the Krokhol Open in Norway (July 12). Then, she’ll continue the Europe Swing and be back stateside for Worlds.

Will her throwing suffer as a result of this new injury? Or will her time off be better in the long run? Either way, her 1000 rating will remain intact until at least August.

On the other side of the coin, Smith has yet to cash this season. While his OTB 55th finish wasn’t terrible (tied with Gibson, Humphries, & Conrad), he’s made the decision to step away and train.

It’s worth noting that his Discraft contract is up at the end of the season.

2️⃣ With Zach Melton trending, MeltedBarri took over the JomezPro booth this weekend. Its low-key vibes resonated with some but lacked energy for others.

So, where was BigSexy? Big Jerm and Nate Sexton spent three days in Sakai, Japan, hosting clinics for hundreds of school kids. I’m sure it was an experience all parties will never forget.

Tweet of the Week

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