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Champs Cup Preview, Funsie, and Triple Penalty

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Champions Cup (Major)

PREVIEW (4/25-28)

It’s officially time for the 1st Major of the season (2nd for FPO). Due to a beetle infestation, this spring-time Major will be temporarily held in Peoria, IL instead of the usual International Disc Golf Center in Appling, GA.

Starting today, the pros will face the monstrosity that is Northwood for 4 straight rounds. To add more grassy fairways and accommodate spectators, this course will be a hybrid of 14 holes from the normal Black layout with 4 holes pulled from 2019 Worlds’ Gold layout.

But no matter the changes, this is still the Northwood that is considered the hardest on Tour. It’ll feature the infamous Hole 12 which is considered by many to be a true par 6.

And to add to the difficulty, it’s currently rain and thunderstorm season. With the soupy and extremely wooded fairways, this will be the greatest test all year.

From the comfort of your couch, enjoy the chaos as we crown 2 Major champions. Welcome to the grind.


MPO/ With his dad on the bag and his friends cheering him on, this was a homecoming victory for Isaac Robinson. He played unconscious in the IDGC woods with no one standing in the way for his 1st Major.

FPO/ Unmatched in every category, it was pure domination for Kristin Tattar. She broke all sorts of records like hitting a 74-straight bogey-free streak, having the largest margin of victory at an FPO Major, and winning back-to-back Majors by 8+.


With this being the biggest event so far, there are many storylines to follow. These are what will grab my attention this weekend:

  • Barring a complete meltdown, Tattar will eclipse the 1000 rating come May 14th. Will she win her 1st Major of the year just in time for her month-long break?

  • Will Big Money Missy show up to win her 2nd Major? She skipped MCO and has been practicing since last week.

  • Can Isaac Robinson get out of his funk and jumpstart his season?

  • Will AB’s love for this course and his hot start be enough to earn his 1st Major?

  • How will Eagle McMahon compare to the field post-surgery?

  • Can Calvin “No FH” Heimburg get his 1st Major at a course that he holds the -9 record at?

  • Will Ricky Wysocki end his 7-year Major drought at a course he statistically plays better than anyone else at?

  • Will Brodie Smith somehow pop off after taking 2 events off to recommit to disc golf?

  • Is Paul McBeth actually back in form just in time for an event that he holds in such high regard?

Live starts today. If you’re an active PDGA member, then you get DGN coverage for free all weekend. Click here for details.

Question of the Week

There are few good things in life: Tax refunds, cold beer, and throwing 2 off the first. To all of you reading, that phrase means much more than to any non-disc golfer.

And until recently, I didn’t realize different regions have different versions of that phrase. In ball golf, it’s typically called a Breakfast Ball and in the North East it can be referred to as a “funsie.”

This revelation is thanks to the latest disc golf podcast called “Funsie” hosted by J-Milly, Ben Kenney, and Nathan Sajk. A funsie is any time you throw additional shots that don’t count typically in a casual round. 

So that got me thinking… What other regional disc golf terms exist? 

Hit reply and send me any weird nomenclature you know of and where it’s from.

Spin to Win like Lizotte

Since its release, Simon Lizotte’s Pixel putter has been at the top of the best-selling chart for months. It sells itself and truly needs no ad, but the man himself proved its greatness just days ago.

Lizotte describes the mold as a mash-up of every putter he’s used in his career. The Pixel is MVP’s take on the P2, P1, & P1x combined.

While it’s been love at 1st touch for him, Lizotte did have one warning with the putter: It’s touchy in the wind due to its deeper profile and glide.

Regardless, if you want to float it in effortlessly then you need to switch over to the Axiom Simon Line Pixel (2|4|0|0.5). Infinite Discs just added a ton of discounted misprints.

Random Dubs

1️⃣ What’s the most unfortunate series of events that has happened to you at a tournament? I bet Ezra Robinson has you beat.

During Drew Gibson’s practice round with Isaac Robinson, the defending Champ Cup & Worlds champion shared his brother’s story.

  • Years ago, they played in a C-Tier with their dad

  • Somehow, the 3 of them were put on the same card

  • At one point, Isaac called Ezra on a foot fault and their dad seconded it

  • Their dad then jotted down Ezra’s score wrong

  • After the round and scores submission, Ezra got triple penalized thanks to his family

  • He missed cash by 1

In his career, that was the only time Isaac’s ever called a foot fault. Looking back on it, they find it hilarious although I’m sure Ezra always has a watchful eye on Isaac’s feet.

2️⃣ Even if they won’t admit it, everyone cares about their PDGA rating. Despite its minor flaws and regional inflation, it’s been the one metric you can use to compare yourself against others.

But thanks to PDGA Europe’s latest partner - Global Disc Golf - there could be another way. They’ve created a ready-made course design that can be applied to any football pitch (soccer for us Americans).

With their global scorecard, you can compete against others around the world on even ground. Not only that, but this project allows for more opportunities for disc golf to thrive in areas where courses aren’t available.

Visit their site for more details to play against anyone on any field around the world.

Meme of the Week

Thanks for reading today. Get out and throw discs this weekend!

- Charlie

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