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Copenhagen Storylines, Not Off-Week, and Proposals

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Copenhagen Open


The Europe Tour kicked off its first Elite stop during a weekend full of global events. It was a great first look at what’s to come as the fields and courses become more impressive.

In no particular order, here are the storylines you should remember or may have missed:

Read the full segment on Infinite Discs - Official Blog.


The OG KJ gave us a glimpse into his storied past with a par-save flick on Friday. It definitely wasn’t the first time he’s had to scramble from there, as this park was where he learned to play.

US Off-Week Action

There are no real off-weeks anymore. Before jumping into the West Coast Swing, touring pros found themselves at 3 historic events this weekend.

With 4 rounds and big names, this year’s LVC had all the makings of a Tour event. It was easily the biggest A-Tier in the country.

Starting hot, Gannon Buhr nearly blew out the tournament with a 7-stroke lead after Friday. But as the weekend went on, he lost momentum to Connor Rock, who went off on Sunday and raised eyebrows.

Rock is a recent grad from Northern Arizona University who has terrorized his the local AZ scene for years. He’s currently 1012 rated, unsponsored, and is hitting most Tour stops and Q-Series this season.

Officially on a heater, Ezra Robinson takes down another A-Tier. He’s got a ton of momentum already on his side, especially considering he played this event blind.

Last week, he shared that his car completely broke down on the way to CA from KS. Not only did he drive a rental car for 20 hours to Santa Cruz, but he still has to fly back, get his own car, and drive another 20+ after OTB Open ends.

On the final day, Joe Rovere put the pressure on the defending champ - Aaron Gossage. Colorado’s Final Boss birdied crazy holes to tie it up, but Goose didn’t back down. Hopefully, he rides this high into the OTB Open.

Fresh Plastic

♾️ Infinite’s Highlight: Latitude64’s Zero Gravity Line.
This new plastic type from Sweden is perfect for all arm speeds.

Zero Gravity is super light (120-130g), floats on water, and can be thrown by anyone. It’s great for kids, effortless distance, and aces.

Lightweight discs can also make the impossible possible. Adults can have fun too.

121g Scorch (@jeff.korns)

Right now, Infinite Discs has the Pure (3|3|-1|1), Fuse (5|6|-1|0), and Explorer (7|5|0|2) in Zero Gravity. Grab one today!

Random Dubs

1️⃣ Happy PDGA Ratings Update Day! And it’s not just any update.

Today, May 14, 2024, Kristin Tattar officially hit 1000 rated. After sitting at 999 for months, she’s the first woman to ever hit this benchmark.

Now, new questions are on the table:
How long can she maintain this level of play?
Will she only go up?
And when will the next woman pass Tattar?

2️⃣ Last Thursday was filled with successful proposals. Gavin Rathbun and Kevin Jones both announced that “she said yes” and are now engaged to their SO’s.

While their milestones deserved congratulations, Paul McBeth and his foundation introduced a BIG partnership. New York City will no longer be a disc golf desert.

A 10-hole course in Highland Park will officially open in about a month. This is a huge opportunity for growth in the world’s fourth-largest city, with 5.1M people in the surrounding boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn.

Tweet of the Week

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