👊 Random Draw Tuesday - June 4, 2024

My 5 favorite things this week

Random Draw Tuesday 🤜🤛

Hello and welcome. This is Charlie from The Players Meeting. 

Every week, I handpick the 5 best things I saw in the past 7 days. These could be storylines, highlights, memes, Buhr’s millionth spit-out, or even news.

But no matter what, it will always be about disc golf AND only what I find interesting.

Let’s get into it.

#1 👊 

Gannon Buhr is changing the game and giving Lizotte a run for his money as the “Human Highlight Reel.” The 19-year-old mopped the floor with the field and then coasted to a win in Sunday’s atmospheric river conditions.

Like many pros, Buhr loves the mini Oregon swing, especially since he stays at the Redalen residence with his good friend and runner-up. The PNW vibes and course clearly suited him.

At this point, he’s rivaling Vinny’s 2023 consistency and quickly taking over as the POTY front-runner. Buhr only has one finish outside the top 10 and has won both plus events.

#2 👊

“It’s so much bigger than a tournament.”

Paige Pierce

Paige Pierce’s weekend started with her 33rd birthday and ended with her first Elite win in 382 days. She is your 3x Portland Open Champ.

This will be the comeback storyline of the year. 11 months ago, Pierce’s freak accident put walking properly in question, let alone leading the field again.

Our sport is better with her at her best, and this weekend was proof for everyone, including herself. FPO just got that much more exciting.

#3 👊

Every season, there’s a new face fighting for the top in FPO. Weeks ago, Emily Weatherman was spotlighted, and now it’s Sofia Donnecke’s turn.

In just her 2nd Elite event, she finished 3rd and broke Tattar’s Glendoveer West course record. Who is she?

  • 2020: Bought her first discs and played the few tonal courses in her city of Victoria, B.C., Canada.

  • 2022: Played her first sanctioned tournament.

  • 2023: Won 4 events, including the British Columbia Open (A-Tier), and finished 33rd at Throw Pink.

  • 2024: Finished 2nd at LVC, 14th at OTB, & 10th at Cascade Challenge

At this point, Donnecke has clearly skipped the minor leagues. But what’s even more impressive is her actual resume:

  • Undergraduate degree from Harvard, where she was co-captain for Women’s Crew.

  • PhD from the University of Victory, where she ran Track & Cross Country.

  • Mountain Enthusiast: Climbing, Biking, and Photography.

Originally testing the Tour waters, Donnecke planned to end with BSF, play Canadian events, then finish with the Aussie Open in November. But now that she’s qualified for Throw Pink and is proven, her plans will most definitely change.

#4 👊

This week, I found two tips from two very different pros. The first is from Nikko Locastro on missing putts low.

In Connor O’Reilly’s vlog, Locastro explained how he has a new cue in his putting routine: A higher-than-normal draw. It’s simple and effective in raising your release point.

The second tip is from Calvin Heimburg on his bread-and-butter shot: Low-ceiling drives. Before you throw, focus and shadow-swing on getting your body into a more crouched position.

Your actual throw won’t be as dramatic as that cue, but a small difference can mean avoiding annoying danglers.

#5 👊

“Last year, I was watching the USDGC at home with my kid… And I saw my friends playing… Some of these previous champions, and then I was like, ‘man, I’m kinda like the only previous champion not at this tournament.’”

Nate Doss (Tour Life)

8 months ago, Nate Doss decided he was going to compete again. He only cared about USDGC but needed a warm-up, and the perfect event was his home state’s Beaver State Fling.

To some of you, Doss is just a floating head who speaks the obvious. But to most, he’s a 3x World Champ, 1x USDGC Champ, and a future hall-of-famer who left the game early in 2018.

Growing up in Santa Cruz, Doss saw the infancy of our sport as a 7-year-old, and now, he’s back to face its most competitive field. But he’s not half-assing it; he’s been hitting the course, field, and net to bring back his stamina.

Come Friday, Doss will be on the feature card, and it’s going to be a must-watch. Please join me in praying to Treesus that he goes toe to toe with these young guns.

Thanks for reading today. Get out and throw this week!

- Charlie

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