👊 Random Draw Tuesday - May 28, 2024

My 5 favorite things this week

Hello and welcome. This is Charlie from The Players Meeting. 

Today is the start of something new. Instead of what you may or may not be used to, TPM will follow this format until otherwise.

It‘s quick with no filler and only once a week.

Random Draw Tuesday 🤜🤛

Every week, I handpick the 5 best things I saw in the past 7 days. These could be storylines, highlights, memes, McBeth’s latest car, or even news.

But no matter what, it will always be about disc golf AND only what I find interesting.

Let’s get into it.

#1 👊 

Besides the majestic PNW woods golf and axe trophies, the 3rd DGPT Q-Series (Cascade Challenge) delivered…

  • Niklas Anttila’s second US win and highest-rated round ever (RD1, -14, 1097). He signed up for the event the night before.

  • Deann Carey’s highest-rated round (RD2, -10, 1036) and eventual win.

  • And quality behind the scenes into off-week shenanigans from Adam Hammes.

#2 👊

This weekend, The Rumble (A-Tier) went down in Milan, IL. The defending champ - Ben Callaway - tried everything to hold off Massachusetts’s own Paul Krans.

But even a final-round ace couldn’t do the job. This win could be what Krans needs to turn his season around after a shaky start to his touring career.

Since going full-time, he’s only cashed once (The Open at Austin) and has been battling a knuckle injury.

#3 👊

I’m a simple guy. I like my pizza hot, my beer cold, and my discs under $30. Sadly that last ask isn’t so easy now.

Ricky Wysocki’s newest disc is the General, and it retails for a whopping $32.99. Word on the street is the entirety of House of Discs will be “raising wholesale pricing, MSRP, and decreasing margins for stores.”

This is a big oof and worrisome for our sport’s downturn, which everyone keeps talking about. However, Jeremy Rusco, DD’s Founder, tends to think otherwise.

“There will be a time where disc golf really gets back up on the growth trend. We just had so much explosive growth during Covid. It’s to be expected.”

#4 👊

Along the same lines, this is an interesting look into a very small snapshot of a regional retailer. It feels like another big oof for HoD.

#5 👊

This tip might be a day late for your backyard BBQ, but it’s not a dollar short. Discs MD created this incredibly simple drill to understand the brace.

Step 1: Lift your feet and throw

Step 2: Lightly rest your feet and throw

Step 3: Push down hard with your lead foot and pull through

Give it a go, or keep it in your back pocket for your next cookout.

Thanks for sticking with me. Get out and throw this week!

- Charlie

P.S. This isn’t just an off-week format. This will be the every-week format.

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