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Major Madness, Harder Northwood, and Tick PSA

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Champions Cup (Major)


Months ago, the PDGA made Northwood Park the one-time host of its springtime Major. This last-minute switch made for historic conditions, golf, and winners.

In no particular order, here are the storylines you should remember or may have missed:

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There were 3 aces over the weekend with 2 caught on camera. Both were in the final round. Both were flex shots. And both were from Clash players.

Heidi Laine hit Hole 11 at 260’, and Evan Smith hit Hole 17 at 320’.

Fresh Plastic

♾️ Infinite’s Highlight: Discraft Drive (11|5|-1|2)
Last Friday, the Paige Pierce lineup filled in its driver slot with a long-awaited 11-speed.

For Pierce herself, this disc has been a staple in her bag through her ankle recovery. For everyone else, it’s probably the most usable driver in Discraft’s lineup.

Average arms will find the Drive straight with some ending finish, while big arms will get the perfect s-turn out of it. It slots right between a Zeus and a Scorch/Surge SS.

If you’re a Discraft fanboy, then trade away your Innova Wraiths and Latitude Graces. Grab the only distance driver you’ll ever need at Infinite Discs!

Random Dubs

1️⃣ One thousand miles away from Champions Cup, Simon Lizotte was enjoying the coverage live from a hospital room. On Thursday (4/25), his daughter Mia was born.

As of now, he plans to be back on Tour in 4 weeks for the Portland Open. But he also said plans can change, and I wouldn’t put it past him to enjoy a few more weeks at home.

From the Fish Golf Brah-dcast, here’s a Simon fun fact: He cashed in a YouTube check of $25k after one vlogmas. Spring has finally sprung in his part of New England, so I doubt he’s itching to leave home ASAP.

2️⃣ And just like that, cicadas have started to emerge in the US starting with parts of South Carolina. We’re in for double broods this year, but as a disc golfer, those noisemakers are the least of my concerns.

Tick season is in full swing. And based on your location, there may be an abundant amount of Lyme disease-carrying ticks.

But besides protecting yourself with appropriate attire and sprays, the best thing you can do is to check yourself after rounds. Even if you bring home a bloodsucker, you’re most likely unaffected as long as you get it off within 24 hours.

Tweet of the Week

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