👊 Random Draw Tuesday - June 11, 2024

My 5 favorite things this week

Random Draw Tuesday 🤜🤛

Hello and welcome. This is Charlie from The Players Meeting. 

Every week, I handpick the 5 best things I saw in the past 7 days. These could be storylines, highlights, memes, Wysocki’s latest juice cleanse, or even news.

But no matter what, it will always be about disc golf AND only what I find interesting.

Let’s get into it.

#1 👊 

In magical Milo McIver, Friday brought what can be described as serendipity. Hidden under mature trees, there’s a quick stretch of technical holes that are must-gets.

On hole 13, Holly Finley threw the perfect line into the basket 197’ away. Using her 12-year-old Star Mako, she got the #7 spot in Saturday’s SC Top 10.

Hours later on the same hole, Noah Fiveash (her bf and touring partner) purposefully went for the ace line and stuck it. It happened to be his birthday, and guess who was on his card… Big Jerm, the ace whisperer.

The “Couples Ace” is one for the history books.

#2 👊

With no Tattar, Salonen, or Pierce, Beaver State Fling was the perfect recipe for a fire FPO finish. And it was Holyn Handley who stepped up and dissolved any choke artist claims.

She’s no longer just an “A-Tier” winner and a 12x podium finisher. She’s a Tour winner who chased down Ohn Scoggins by clutching up big putts.

Her performance on the last four holes and the playoff was awe-inspiring and gave me chills. This win makes her the eighth unique winner this season.

Now, we just have to wait 10 weeks until they all converge at Worlds in Lynchburg, VA. As of now, Handley has no plans to make the Europe Swing.

“I’m clutch. I’m clutch. I’m going to make this putt.”

Handley (Tournament Central)

#3 👊

Going into BSF’s MPO final round, there were 21 players within 5 strokes of the top. In the end, Gannon Buhr fought off the wannabe first-time winners with the “luckiest kick of all time” and possibly the putt of the year.

He completed the 2-event Oregon sweep and matched AB’s 3 wins. But after all the build-up, his last putt and win felt deflating.

Here are the other exciting MPO storylines:

  • Ezra Robinson’s now a mainstay at the top. “It won’t be long now…

  • Luke Humphries once again comes up so close, yet so far to beating Buhr. On hole 17, he got this many bogies.

  • Ricky Wysocki celebrated his 31st birthday, then shot a bogey-free weekend and came up 1 short. He’s proving how hard it is to win nowadays.

  • After 6 years off, Nate Doss shot a 1021 round, averaged 1004, and tied Major-winner Andrew Presnell in 71st.

  • AB finished 61st and missed cash for the first time this year. He has the highest of ceilings but the lowest of floors.

#4 👊

Holly Finley & Noah Fiveash weren’t the only ones with a remote control finish on their discs this weekend. On Saturday, Lucas Carmichael threw in for 275’ and an eagle on Toboggan’s iconic turtle-back green.

Click to watch; A gif doesn’t do it justice

He ended up taking 2nd behind Ryan Monn at the US AM Championship. Carmichael is a Coloradan, 17 years old, and a 2-sport athlete (basketball) who’s been cutting his teeth against stiff competition (Joe Rovere) while turning down cash.

#5 👊

Sunday, June 9

This Friday, Nick Krush (sprinter, fitness coach, & beefcake) will test his skills in GK Pro/Kayak Point’s distance competition. It’s part of their 3-day festival that includes Beat the Pros, Skins, Matchplay, and much more.

Those attending include Luke Humphries, Alden Harris, Isaac & Ezra Robinson, Bradley Williams, Double G, and another content creator - Clint “BlitzDG” Easterly, the 500' standstill master.

If that isn’t enough to fill your cup, there’s a slew of off-week DGPT Europe week events.

  • Turku Open (Turku, Finland): Proctor & Oakley vs. the Finns; Salonen & Blomroos back in action.

  • Pro Masters Worlds (Emporia, KS): Starting today, Cale Leiviska will battle Joe Rovere for his first Major win, while Ohn Scoggins goes for her 4th title in a row.

  • Beehive Classic (Ogden, Utah): The Fort will finally get some time in the limelight since The Holy Shot.

Thanks for reading today. Get out and throw this week!

- Charlie

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